by Doug Snedden

I would like to know who asked America to protect and control the entire world.

The national security doctrines call for the nation to strike anywhere they please and to be the first to use nuclear weapons. When we consider the sudden killing of millions of people in a matter of hours by nuclear weapons we shake our heads and say it's not possible. We prefer to think of our species as caring and compassionate even in the face of an upsurge of fanatical terrorism and threats by rogue nations using weapons of mass destruction.

What would we face if nuclear threats actually turned to reality? Imagine the destructive force unleashed on Hiroshima that killed 135,000 people. The only problem in trying to imagine that deadly force in today's terms is that the standard size single American or Russian nuclear weapon is 9 to 20 megatons or 600 too 1300 times the nuclear explosive power of the bomb used on Hiroshima in 1945.

The physical results of a standard size single American or Russian nuclear weapon detonated today would cause an enormous amount of energy to be released in an extraordinarily short interval of time. Nearly all of this energy would be initially released in the form of fast recoiling nuclear matter that is then deposited into the surrounding environment within a fraction of a second.

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