The O.J. Simpson Affair

More & Better Conspiracy Theories
by A. G. Coleman

I'm not convinced of Simpson's guilt, at least not according to plots proposed in the criminal and civil trials.  Here are some unusual theories that provide new motives for murder, and also explain why witnesses change testimony.
In reference to the murder of his wife, Sharon Tate, by the Manson Family, Roman Polanski said, "If I'm looking for a motive, I'd look for something which doesn't fit your habitual standard, with which you use to work as police - something much more far out."

In cases of spousal murder, can anyone remember such a brutal, slashing knife attack? A gunshot, strangulation or beating is more common. Ask homicide detectives what comes to mind when they see a large number of cuts and stab wounds, and they tell you they suspect first a homosexual murder, then a ritualistic killing. Mark Fuhrman confirms this is not a typical spousal abuse killing.  Interestingly, in his claim for a disability pension, he says that, "He (Fuhrman) is enraged if he doesn't like somebody, and would as soon slit someone's throat as talk to him."

A few days before the murders, Simpson threatens Nicole with revealing her tax fraud.  Brentwood yuppies, aside from indulging in cappuccino, drugs and sex, cheat on taxes.  Some people fear ruin by the IRS, if the investigation spreads.  Faye Resnick mentions that O.J. delights in inveigling friends in business ventures, some of questionable legality, to control them.
Ironically, Simpson entered into a sham transaction with Lou Brown in 1991, taking a lien on the Brown's home to protect it from creditors.  (The $300,000 lien remains in place to this day, and Fred Goldman, following the civil trial, demands the promissory note as part of his judgment against Simpson.) Nicole, vulnerable to her ex-husband reporting her to the IRS, retaliates with hints at reporting this or similar transactions, and infuriates O.J. or others.

The defense proposes a drug murder, directed at Faye Resnick, who owes her suppliers.  Many point out that dealers seldom murder clients over modest drug debts, and not in so spectacular a fashion, but they are not so kind to their fellow traffickers.  Osvado Montalvo, a hit man for the Cali cartel, prior to 1992, proudly relates that a woman stole a mere $20,000 from the cartel, and that he removed her fingernails and teeth.

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